Things I always get for free


There are so many different ways to get things for free. One of the easiest ways is to request freebies online. Many companies are jumping on this social networking bandwagon and offering freebies if you “Like” them on Facebook. Others offer freebies right on their own websites. There is also a whole page on Walmart’s website where you can request free samples. There are other companies, like Vocalpoint, who also send out free samples. The point is, there are lots and lots of freebies to be had out there. I find most of them by following freebie blogs (my favorite is

Another way to get things for free is couponing. This takes a bit more effort. Every Sunday, I flip through all of the store ads (yes, ALL of them). I have my coupon binder right there next to me. (You can read about it here.) As I look through the ads, I search for things that are on sale that I think I might be able to get for free by using a coupon. Whenever I find something, I circle it and set the coupon aside. Then I take all the ads and coupons with me to Walmart. They price match at Walmart, so this saves me from having to drive all over town. I buy everything there, at other stores’ sale prices, use my coupons, and save big!

Here’s a short list of some of the things I never ever have to pay for:

  • shampoo and conditioner – there are SO many free samples of these out there, I’ll probably never run out. I also have  a whole bucket of Dove trial sized shampoo and conditioner that I bought with coupons (getting $.12 overage on EACH!)
  • pads and pantyliners – again, this is another one that I am constantly coming across free samples for. The samples often come with high-value coupons that allow me to get full-size packs for free or almost free.
  • baby wipes – I frequently come across $2 off coupons (especially for Pampers), and these go on sale for $1.99
  • deodorant – I get these by using coupons with the trial sizes. More and more coupons are starting to say “excluding trial sizes” so you need to watch out for that
  • pasta – I have several magazine subscriptions (which I also get for free!), and it seems like I get 3 or 4 coupons a month for $1 off Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta. These are only $.99 at my grocery store, so we eat lots of cheap dinners!
  • air fresheners – Glade, Lysol, Febreeze, Air Wick, they all have high value coupons that can be matched with sale prices to get things for free.
  • bandages – Nexcare bandages frequently have $1 off coupons and go on sale for $.99
  • lubricant – KY has coupons for $3 off and their smallest product sells for around $2. Not everybody needs this, but I buy it just for the overage.
  • SO much more – just today I picked up some free body wash and toothpaste at Target. You just have to watch the sales!

A few more pointers:

  • check clearance aisles – you can still use coupons on damaged items! A diaper pack that has just a few diapers taken out or a rip in the side will often be marked down $2 or $3. Match that with a $3 coupon and get big savings.
  • buy coupons on eBay – when you find a really good deal, go to eBay and buy a lot of 15 or 20 coupons. You’ll want to choose one that says “Buy it Now” so you can get to the store before the sale ends. Doing this, you can stock up on the best deals.

I’d love to hear your strategies and ideas! And what are YOU getting for free? Please share!

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