My new project schedule

About a month ago I decided that if I wanted to get all the things done on that neverending to-do list, I needed to schedule it in. And besides that, I needed to be better about general household maintenance. I felt like every time I turned around, another space was out of control!

So I made this new project schedule, and it has been amazing. My house is cleaner, things are getting done, and I’m just happier overall!

project schedule

There are 3 parts to this, so I’ll explain them one at a time:

1) 10 minute clutter control – this is basically I run around for 10 minutes clearing the table, counter tops, and putting toys away that litter the floor. It usually gets done in the evenings, but if I do it when the kids are awake I make them help as well.

2) 10 minute room specific cleanup – this one is the moneymaker. I made a list of all of the zones in my house, counting each room and closet as a zone. I ended up with 22. Then I rotate through these, cleaning each one for 10 minutes. Then each space is getting a little love at least every three weeks or so. And some places that usually get neglected for months (like sweeping the stairs outside and cleaning the basement) get just enough attention that things don’t get crazy.

I chose 10 minutes for these two things, because 10 minutes is totally doable. Seriously, I can fit 10 minutes into so many parts of the day. It’s only 10 little minutes. I waste far more than that browsing facebook and pinterest. And I always set a timer on my ipod while I’m cleaning a space. It ends up being a race-the-clock kind of thing, and the amount of improvement that happens in 10 minutes can be astounding.

3) For the last part, the big one, it’s a 45-minute block. This happens while the kids are in quiet time / naptime in the afternoon. Instead of wasting it watching tv or surfing the internet, I scheduled it all out so that the things I want to accomplish actually get accomplished. These are my more time consuming projects, like working on the budget or taxes, making photo books on shutterfly, larger organizing projects, photo editing, etc. I put an X on the days that Byron has off, because I only do my project blocks on his work days.

I’ve been so happy with this! I know that I am the kind of person that works well with a schedule, so I don’t know why it took me so long to do something like this. I think I got three times as much done in March as I did in previous months.

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    #ThrowbackThursday!! I started using this system over 2 years ago, and it still rocks! I challenge YOU to try a 10 minute cleanup each day, rotating areas of your house! It keeps my whole house at least somewhat maintained — even closets, the attic, the basement, the shed… places that would NEVER get cleaned!

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