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Updated March 2013 *We are currently stationed in Europe, and we live in on-post housing, so we don’t have any expenses for rent or utilities. This might seem like a sweet deal, but believe me, the exorbitant costs over here more than make up for it. 

Here goes… you ready? You get to see exactly how much money we make, and exactly where it goes every month. For most of the categories, I like to err on the safe side, so the amount budgeted is not how much we spend. Any surplus at the end of the month goes in our savings account, any shortfall comes out of there. But usually we are pretty good about being right on target.

We get paid twice a month (on the 1st and the 15th). Some categories I have split up between the two paychecks (groceries, spending money, miscellaneous) and some I budget for once a month and that has to last us all month (gas, fun money, gifts, playgroup).

Monthly Budget Report

1st Paycheck

  • Savings $100 [this is the account we use for larger purchases like furniture, home maintenance, etc.]
  • Kids’ savings $120 ($40 to each)
  • Fun Money $50 [eating out, movie tickets, going to the zoo, etc.]
  • Miscellaneous $175 [clothing, anything we need for the house, postage, printer ink, the list is endless: basically, just miscellaneous]
  • Auto expenses $60 [oil changes, car registrations, repairs]
  • Gas $125
  • Groceries $200 [this includes food, diapers, and cleaning supplies and such]
  • Phone/internet $55
  • Savings deposited into house fund $1275

Total for pay period $2200

15th Paycheck

  • Tithe $475 [we give 10% of our before-tax income]
  • Gifts $40 [this goes into a separate account]
  • Insurance $220 [van, car, and life policies]
  • School $40
  • Groceries $200
  • Fun Money $45
  • Savings deposited into house fund $350
  • Retirement $830 ($415/month for each IRA, which is almost enough to max it out for the year)

Total for pay period $2200

Total for month $4400

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