Homeschooling Through Travel – Italy

We did SO many things in school to prepare for our trip to Italy.

We already use Story of the World for History, so we skipped ahead a bit to the sections on the founding of Rome, the rise of the Roman empire, and the Caesars. The activity book that accompanies our History book is chock-full of coloring pages, activity pages, and maps.

I got lots of great ideas for projects here:

We watched a few carefully chosen scenes from the movie ‘Gladiator’. I wanted Connor (6) to really understand the gravity of what happened at the Colosseum.

Dressing like Romans!

We also knew we were planning on visiting Pompeii, and since my kids love the Magic Tree House books, I picked up this one:

In this story, Jack and Annie travel back to Pompeii the very day that the volcano erupts. It goes into great detail about the layout of the city, the forum, and a typical home.

Reading this book was such a great decision! The kids were so excited about Pompeii, and they actually knew what they were looking at. They kept saying “Look, Mom! Mount Vesuvius!!!”

We also watched this video tour of Pompeii with Rick Steves:


Like usual, we did the Italy pages from Maps to Color and Learn.
The Italy activity pages

And we filled out our country fact sheet:

Country Fact Sheet – for ANY country!

We also made pizza (and talked about its ties to the Italian flag). We learned about aqueducts – which was really cool when we saw one just outside of Rome. We talked about Vatican City, why it is there and why it is considered its own country. And we also covered a little basic Italian, which wasn’t too difficult since we are already learning Spanish.

I think that’s about it!

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