German Food

I know we’ve lived in Germany for over a year now, but we haven’t eaten very much German food since we got here. The reason for that is because it is so SO expensive. For our family to eat a simple meal in a restaurant, it costs 50-60 Euro, or about $75. That’s way too much in my opinion. So we mostly eat at home, or go for fast food when we are out and about. However, all that went out the window the past several weeks with all of our traveling. We ate a LOT of traditional German meals in all kinds of restaurants, guesthouses, sidewalk cafes, and more. Here are photos of our dishes (some of them are partially eaten because I didn’t get the camera out fast enough).

A few notes: It is REALLY hard to find chicken on a German menu. I don’t like pork, but sometimes that was the only option. When you do find chicken, it’s fantastic. French fries go with pretty much everything. German desserts are awful, with the exception of eis (ice cream) which is delightfully fabulous. Another thing they do well is soup!

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