Oberammergau, Germany

While in Garmisch, we ventured north a bit to visit the cute little town of Oberammergau. This town is famous for 2 things. The first is the Passion Play that they host there every ten years. It’s a really interesting story, you should read about it!

The theatre where the play is held.
There were several of these detailed paintings on buildings.
Another painted building
We let the kids choose a souvenir at a little gift shop. Connor saw this hat similar to one that his friend Hayden has, and he just HAD to have it. (If my son was going to hero-worship another kid, I couldn’t have picked a better one!)
Lia picked out this little German doll. I didn’t realize until later that if you push the belly she yodels. Yay.
Sophie got a little bear wearing lederhosen. Which she was fine with until she realized that Squirrel’s doll yodels.

The other thing that Oberammergau is famous for is its wood carvings. There were dozens of shops that sell ornate carvings of every shape and size.

Motorcycle rocking horse? This was hard not to buy.
A cross up on the mountain overlooking the town.

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