Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Everyone kept telling me about this cool town called Rothenburg (pronounced Rote-hen-burg). Apparently there are several towns in Germany named Rothenburg or Rothenberg or Rotenberg. It took me forever to find which one was the right one! But finally I did. We made this a stop on our way down to Bavaria while the in-laws were visiting.

Rothenburg is a town that still has the medieval wall around the city center. It was so cool!! It felt like being a few centuries back.

The wall
the wall from the inside

When the clock chimed, the little windows open and some statues did a dance.

The in-laws –aren’t they cute?
We had lunch at a little cafe looking over the town square. (This is my husband with his mother and Sophie.)
This town was so fun! I’m glad we stopped there.

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