Dinant, Belgium

This town was perfect. Like postcard perfect. I wouldn’t have even known about it if not for Pinterest, so a big thanks to whomever invented that website. (Also, can I have my free time back? Because you took it all.) Anyways, I digress.

Dinant is this amazing little town nestled along a river. It has 3 major claims-to-fame, which I think is quite a lot for a teeny village. First thing that Dinant has to offer: Bayard rock. There are many legends about this famous rock, which you can drive through. Awesome, huh?

The next thing that Dinant is famous for is Europe’s largest stained glass window. It’s located in the Notre-Dame Cathedral (not the same one as Paris).

Inflatable slide in front of a 1,000 year old church? Sure, why not?

The third thing worth seeing in Dinant is the citadel, that sits high atop a cliff overlooking the city.

We took a cable car called the Teleferic to the top.
Inside the citadel.
I don’t know why, but Lia was obsessed with these lights on the floor.
View from the citadel
Beautiful Dinant!

It’d be hard for me to choose a favorite between this fabulous little town and our next stop: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg…

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