Homeschooling Through Travel – England, Scotland, & Ireland

When we were preparing for our trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland, we mostly focused on knights and castles. We knew that we would be visiting a few castles on our trip, so it seemed most relevant to our travels.

First, we read lots of books about knights, like this one (one of our favorites):

We did some coloring pages about the countries we planned to visit from this *awesome* coloring book:

It has 2 pages for nearly every country in Europe, with a map and country-specific activities. I found it at the Dollar Tree in the states, but I would have paid ten times that much!
The UK pages from “Maps to Color and Learn”
The Ireland pages from “Maps to Color and Learn”
Squirrel doing her UK activity pages from “Maps to Color and Learn”.

We learned all the ins and outs of castles by reading this book:

We love this castle book! It has tons of little flaps that you can lift up to see different parts of the castle.

And we built a castle using the free template found here:

It was a fun lesson for all! And it was very gratifying when we were at the castles and Stomper would exclaim, “Look! We’re in the bailey!” and “There’s the keep, mom!”

Here is a list of other UK/Ireland activities that we either didn’t get to or I found later:

Ireland Paper Doll – printable
Scotland Paper Doll – printable
Country Fact Sheet – for ANY country!
Check out this printable United Kingdom Pack from Royal Baloo.

If anyone has anything to add to the list, post the link in the comments below and I’ll add it!

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