Our Home in Germany

We live in housing for Americans, so I’m sure that it is different than a German German house would be. But even so, there are lots of differences from our house in the states. Here are some of them:

The lightswitches are squares instead of the funny looking things that we’re used to. I like these much better.
We have both American outlets and European outlets, so we have no problems plugging in all our stuff.
Our heat comes from these units below the windows.
The door handles look like this instead of the round US kind. This makes things much easier for Squirrel, and Bunches can’t quite reach them yet.
The doors look like this in the edges, so they sit partially outside the doorframe instead of completely within it.
So it looks like this when it’s closed. It took me some getting used to, I kept thinking our doors were open when they were not.
Toilets are mounted to the wall, not the floor (it actually makes cleaning around it a LOT easier). And the flusher is on the wall, too. There is a little button for a little flush, and a big button for a big flush. I’m sure you can figure out what that means.
The bathrooms both have towel warmers on the wall. That’s going to make me SOOOO spoiled…
Windows open 2 different ways. When the handle is turned down like this, it is closed.
When the handle points in like this, it swings open like a door.
And when the handle is turned up like this, the window tilts open from the top. I LOVE these windows!
Curtains hang in a track installed on the ceiling. The tracks are already installed in the houses.
European curtains have a strip sewn in, with wheels that clip into the strip. This is the most attractive and durable way to hang curtains.
This is the strip/wheels on the back of the European curtain.
Most of my windows have curtains hung like this, because I wanted to reuse my US curtains and not spend a boatload on new ones. I used these little clip on wheels instead of the sewn-in strip kind. These are super easy to hang, but any time a kid pulls on the curtain, it’s going to come right out of the clips. So, I have to fix them often.

So that’s a rundown of some of the differences between a US house and our “American” German house here. Most things I think they do better here! Maybe I should hire a German to build me a house back in the states…

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