Baby Food

Baby food is one of the most frustratingly expensive parts of little ones. With my first child, who was a very big eater, he would eat 10-12 jars of baby food per day. At $.60 a pop, that’s $7.20 per day, or $216 per month on little jars of pureed food. I switched to making my own as much as I could, but when I had #2, I lacked the time and/or motivation, and ended up buying them again.

I had my third child in the Spring of 2010, and when she was about 2 months old, I found this post over at Smockity Frocks and it changed my life. The concept had never even occurred to me: babies don’t need baby food!

They can go right to table food, and skip the pureed stage altogether!! No more little expensive jars! No more pureeing in the blender! No more time consuming spoon-feeding! No more gloppy messes all over the kitchen!

My daughter is now 7.5 months old. We started her on table foods around 6 months. She eats little pieces of bread, green beans, grapes, peas, corn, rice, turkey, oranges, apples, black beans, beef — pretty much whatever we’re having for dinner, she gets some too. It took a few weeks of practice for her to get the concept, but since she was still 99% breastfed, it didn’t matter if she didn’t get much into her mouth. Now, she’s a little pro, and can pick up the little tiny pieces and feed herself.

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