Things I don’t have (and I’m glad for it)

There are so many “conveniences” in life that just seem to make things more hectic. I try my best to do without things that I don’t really need, or that I could live without. I’ve found that my life is simpler and less complicated because of it. I also have fewer catastrophes due to technology breakdowns.

Here are a few things that I do without:

1) a junk drawer – I think most homes have a drawer where they keep miscellaneous items, but I have found that it’s much easier to find things if they are separated rather than lumped all together in a pile. I keep batteries in a bin in my laundry area, sorted by type. I keep flashlights on a shallow shelf in that same area. Tools go in the garage, rubber bands hung on a hook on the side of the refrigerator. An added bonus: I have an extra drawer free in my kitchen!

2) a “hall closet” – Many people have a hall closet where they keep coats, sports gear, maybe some holiday gear, and who knows what else. My home is set up to where I don’t have one of these, and I have found it to be much easier. We keep extra coats in each person’s own closet. One coat per person is hung downstairs by the front door on hooks. When we are expecting guests, we remove our own coats from the hooks and put them on a bed until our guests leave. Sports gear is in the garage, holiday gear is in the attic. I love not having to sort through a giant closet packed with junk.

3) GPS – When I am going somewhere I’ve never been before, I look up directions the old fashioned way: mapquest. 🙂 Just kidding, the old fashioned way would be an actual map, which I do have in my van, but I like mapquest. I write the directions on a sticky note before I go. If I need to take a detour, I consult my map. I have found this to be a valuable strategy on numerous occasions. One time, several friends and I were meeting someplace a few towns over that none of us had been to before. I had my written directions so I got there easily. However, 2 of my other friends had been using GPS, and the service went out because there was no coverage for that area. They had to call me for directions. I have another friend who uses GPS so often, she doesn’t know how to get anywhere. She’s lived in this town 3 years and still doesn’t know her way around because she relies on the GPS.

4) Cable TV – Someone recently told me that although they usually only watch the local channels, they could never give up cable because they like to channel surf. That seems like such a waste of time to me! Why sit on the couch flipping through channels all day? I don’t have cable TV, we get our television through an HD antenna that is in our attic. It feeds into the cable box, then all our TVs are hooked up to the cable outlets in each room like usual. I always know what I want to watch before I turn the TV on. There are some shows that I like to watch that air on cable, but I have found that anything can be watched online nowadays. So, I save hundreds of dollars a year and countless hours of channel surfing or watching something “just because it’s on”.

Now, I do understand that many of these things could be useful to certain people. I’m sure that if I worked for UPS, I would have GPS in my truck. And maybe a sports writer needs cable because they have to get all the different games. I don’t know what everyone’s situation is, I’m just saying that my life is easier because I don’t have these things.

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